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New product daripada @bakeitforu (My sister in law business).. Disediakan di dalam botol yang comel. Bubble rice yang dicampur dengan coklat berkualiti yang halal. Bagi penggemar tegar coklat di luar sana boleh la order untuk mencuba ye. Jangan salahkan saya jika anda terliur. Hehe.. Nak rasa? Boleh email me or follow instagram: bakeitforu... Oh ya..kami juga boleh pos ke tempat anda 

Congo bar
Again and again it's been a long time I didn't post anything in my blog...Not because I have forget or stop doing crafting but too many works need to be done..Working at the same time crafting it not easy as you need to know how to manage your time...Right now I would like to promote you some of my friends new ready stock clothes...You can either my fb: cherryblossom craft fan page or cherryblossom craft or kindly email me if you interested to view or buy it..Enjoys
 Scallop tops available in 6 colours RM59 only
Checkered overall RM75 only :)

I want to say hello to all of cherryblossom craft visitors~This entry is divided to two parts which are news update which consist of my latest craft work and the other one is plushie (soft toys) that have been requested by my customer~If you are interested in our craft items do contact me via my email or fill in the order form provided at the left side of my blog :)

Stay tune for more update :) Yippie
For this June, we introduced you our new baby's dress crochet...You can request any colors or sizes that you want..Just email us :)

 *Front view*
 *Back view*
 Check this out..Currently we are having many new items for this month..
 *Chicken crochet*
 *Tissue case*
 *Makeup pouch*
 *My ipad mini case*
Again, it's been a while i did not update any news for my blog..Here goes a new collection of our products :)

Beanie requested by Naomi..View more here Beanie cap
 * Crochet shoes* You can request any sizes and colours* View more here Crochet shoes
New design of beanie caps..To view more click here Beanie caps
 *Order from Nik*
 New pattern of coin purse :) To view more click here Coin Purse
This is now what we're being doing now..Tadaa...but still the strawberries are in progress..Our customer requested us to make two cakes for his girlfriends..So stay tune for the cake outcomes :)
Sorry for the late update..There goes despicable me plushie requested by Helma..Hope you will like it..and the most important thing it is 100% hand stitch..Scroll down to see others handmade plushies..Thanx dear :)
 Beanie cap requested by Syareena...Thanks dear..for more pictures click here Beanie Caps
 My first order after being rest for more than 7 months..My customer, Helma requested us to make a despicable me plushie..I'll try my best to fulfill her needs :)
*picture credit to Google*
We're now open for orders..After being silent for almost 7 months, now we're back to order..Do view our products and if you are interested do email us or do search our facebook cherryblossom craft :)

New Chelsea plushie requested by Hafiz to her girlfriend :)
 Another post for this week..Handmade keychain requested by Hewa..For more items click here Felt Handmade
 Another update..For today we have stocking for adult and baby :)..You can wear it during sleep, at the office and etc..Believe me, it is comfortable okay..Do enjoy some of the pictures :)
More new items available here..Ready made flowers for sell..Email me at custom made flowers click here Brooches
*Crochet hp casing*
You may choose any colour that you want :)
 The other design :)

*Mini bags*
 This month we have came out with many new items..And its ready stock!!You can also request for custom orders!!There goes of our new items :)..anything do email us at
 *More new beanie designs*
*More crochet flowers*
*Finally we have new crochet handbag* You can request the size :)

Yeah..finally i made my own felt flowers..This is the result :)..for more felt handmade items view here
Felt Handmade...Will produce more flowers :)
Again there goes more ready made beanie cap..Only rm30 inc postage..Do email us addition, we also make a custom made beanies :)  To view more beanies click here :) Beanie cap
 We are back with new ready made beanie caps..For further info email us at view more please click here :) Beanie caps
 We are back with ready made flowers: For more info click here Handmade flowers
2 layers flowers: rm30 include postage
37 pieces of flowers rm36.60 include postage
Order from Kelly Koo header for my blog again...Actually this is made by my cousin..If you interested to have it like me you can visit her blog here Fafa Eiza..You can get banner or header from rm10 onwards..Nice rite we would like to present our new baby beanie cap..Actually before diz we have made beanies for baby but last week my mum has made some improvement towards her beanie cap products..This is the result...More beanies please click here Beanie Cap
 Next order from Khalilah Liyana...She has ordered domokun hp case and some keychains..Hope she will like it and for your information we have posted to u today...You can view more here Felt Handmade
 Order from my loyal customer, Nana Amjis.. This is the third time she place order from us..Hope u like it dear..Anyway pray for my successful during the interview ya :)
My friend, Fatanah asked me to make an Iphone4 case for her and tadaa diz is the view more click here Felt Handmade
At last, i finally able to finish my first customer order, after almost 2 month i stop crafting..Tadaa..diz is the result of Xperia X8 hp case...I am thankful because i still remember how to sew..hehe..
Weehooo...Hope it is not too late for us to say Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir dan Batin to all our customers and also for those that are loyal that keep visiting and supporting our blog..Eventhough we might not able to update our blog regularly,still our business still operate as usual..Anything just email us ya
(credit to mr google)
I am so thankful that Cherryblossomcraft have received order again  from our return customer, Kelly which she wants to order about 100 pieces of crochet flowers...For now, there are not many things that i want to share about..But just want to share a picture of brooches that i took from my mum...Actually this crochet flowers is just a sample for our business and as a reference for my mum in making her flower..But i have took it to make my own brooches..Have a look!!
Again i am too busy to update my blog..As usual too many works to be done..But for this time being, i'm on my way in creating new products...Just wait and see..haha..Even sometimes it is hard for me to manage my craft business,still there are few cherrblossomcraft supporter that still trust and want to order from us..Millions thanx for all of you..
It's been a month i did not update any new or latest design from cherryblossomcraft~It is because i am too busy with my work as a lecturer, too many things to do, to learn etc~But today i just wanna share a short entry about new beanie cap that my mum have created~Any enquiries please e-mail me ya~View more beanie here Beanie cap
~Headband requested by Nik Fairuz~View more here Headband
Beanie requested by Sya Apple, my mum the one who captured the picture..poor her since i got transferd to Terengganu she needs to do it by herself :) View more beanie here Beanie Caps

It's been a while that i haven't update my blog..The reason because i have started working as a lecturer...But you can still order from me as the item is made upon request :)..Anything just add me at fb or email me ya
Keychain ordered by Zura Ramli :)
54 pieces flower..Grab it now..only rm33 inc postage :) It can be also make upon request..View more here Brooches
Order from Husna...To view more click here Brooches

Kungfu panda requested by Linda Amjis..Thanx dear...
Plushie requested by Ira Fatin

Again liverpool plushie requsted by Nik Fairuz
There goes some of the jersey plushie being requested by customer which are Liverpool and Manchanster United*
Some of the order by my customer
Some of customer orders: Polaroid and DSLR

Customer order: Savvy plushie
Some of the customer orders:Savvy, Saga, Kancil, Neo, Viva, Swift, Honda
Some of the customer orders: Guitar, PSP, Grenade, Arch