Saturday, April 7, 2012


Come and have a look at our handmade beanie cap

*Red beanie requested by Naomi*
 * Again, we have new design of beanie can request any color that you want*
 *Colorful beanie cap requested by Syareena*  She asked us to make a beanie cap for her and at the same time the beanie can be wore as a bag*  Thanks dear!!
 *New ready made beanie caps*
Again, we have new beanie design to be sell :)
 For further information you can send me an email at
 Beanie cap for kids :)
Beanie cap for baby :)
*Baby blue beanie cap requested by my sis in law*Any enquiries please email me at*
*New beanie cap made by my mum*
*Picture captured by my mum since i was transfered to Terengganu*Order from Sya Apple
 *Beanie cap ordered by Diane Sera* Sorry for the delay, and my mum decided to give her 2 free flowers*
 *New beanie cap in the house* (1 Ready stock)
*Our new design (1 Ready stock)*
*Ready stock beanie cap*
*Beanie cap requested by Atiqah Jalal*
*Black and Red beanie requested by Tya Razak*
*Free flowers for her*
*Light Grey Beanie requested by adyla azhari*
*Dark Grey beanie requested by Shaira again*


*Combiation Color*
Hye customer come and grab this kid beanie only rm23 inc postage :)
Special thanks to this customers:

~Alia: Dark Grey~
~Nisa  : New design~
~Lina: Royal Purple~
~Rebel stuff : Red ~ 
~Dolly Diana: New design~
~Eja: Dark Grey & Smoke Matelic~
~Littlemizzell:  Cardinal Red~
~Basit : Dark brown & Dark Blue~
~Sara: Dark Brown & Rainbow~
~Ding Ding: Silver/Light Grey~
~Jajadora: Burgandy
~Iki: Green+Yellow+Dark Chocolate~
~Nad: Black~
~Roswell: Colourful beanie~
~Dila: Light Grey~
~Nurwynie: Beige, Gold matellic & Silver Matellic~
~Punchberry: Light Silver~
~Basit: Rainbow beanie cap~
~Sherilyn: Smoke matellic,dark magenta, charcoal matelic,reflective white, cocoa, black
~Ayunni: Combination color~
~Eira: Combination colour~
~Myra: Grey~
~Lynn: Cream~
~Syuhada: Combination colour~
~Azni: Dark Magenta~
~Farahiliana: Combination colour&Brown~
~Khalilah: Dark Grey~
~Aien Zubaidah: Indigo~
~Haifaa: Cream Beanie~
~Aisyah: Grey +White~
~Fatin: Green~
~Naqiah: Lite Grey~
~Liyana: Gold~
~Aisyah: Rainbow~
~Aini Rafidah: Dark Magenta + Black+Yellow
~Nadia Ismail: Grey~
~Noor Fadhilah: Cream beanie~
~Farah Amalin: Grey beanie~
~Farah Haryana: Green Beanie~
~Siti Nur Athirah: Dark grey beanie~
~Zatil Bazilah: Combination Colour~
~Stasha-Rina Khan: Black Colour~
~Farah Syuhada: Black+Yellow+Grey~
~Fifi Syafirah: Black~
~Carmilia Endah: Dark Magenta~
~Ayesha Shu-Yi: Dark Magenta & Combination Colour~
~Rabiatul Adawiyah: Black+Yellow+Grey~
~Buzz Shopper: Black~
~Nurul Izzah~
~Syahirah Syariff~
~Syakila Nadia~
~Intan Bohari: Cardina Red~
~Mohd Hafiz: Black~
~Noorina: Black + Purple~
~Nurfatin Qistina: Dark Brown~
~Amira Muda: Dark Magenta~
~Amira Hanani: Black~
~Atiqah: Two dark magenta beanies~
~Noor Syazana: Black Beanie~
~Rozaida: Black Beanie~
~Fareesha: Black Beanie~
~Zulaikha: Lite brown beanie~
~Balqis: Black + Lite brown~
~Sarah:Light pink Beanie~
~Sarah Asmin: Black+Drk Magenta+White~
~Namierah: Black+ Dark Pink and Lite grey Beanie~
~Sairul Balqis:Combination Beanie~
~Abel:Dark Choco Beanie~
~NurZati: Grey+Dark Magenta+White~
~Aziqa: Two beanies with lines~
~Ili Nabilah: Lite cocoa~
~Carmilia: Black~
~Atie: Black and White~
~Lala: Combination color~
~Shafinaz: Dark Magenta~
~Nazurah: Dark Cocoa and Silver~
~Terreza: Black +white+pink
~NurZarina: Dark choco beanie and kid beanie~
~Shada: lite cocoa beanie~
~Qemalina: Grey+ Beige~
~Rashliana: Colorful Beanie~
~Adani:Baby and Kid beanie~
~Dalila: 3 Beanies~
~Lala: 2 Beanies~
~Tg Scha: blue beanies~
~Mazny:Combination colour beanies~
~Nadzirah: White+Grey + White lines~
~Sahidin: Black ~
~Nor Hidayah: Dark Magenta + Flower~
~Zati: Kid beanie~
~Nadira: Kid beanie~
~Diza: Kid beanie~
~Nur Fateha: Dark grey beanie~
~Carmilia: Red beanie~
~Nurul Anis: Dark Purple beanie~
~Calesty: Dark Magenta~
~Nurul Anis: Dark choco and Maroon~
~Alice: Mix color~
Suhaila: Beanie Dark grey~
~Suhaila: Light Grey~
~Carmilia: Cream~
~Dady: Dark Green~
~Shairah: Black Beanie~
~Chin: Red,Cream and Lite pink Beanie~
~Hafizah: Dark Magenta Beanie~
~Shiken: Mix Beanie~
~Shaira: Dark Grey Beanie~
~Adyla: Light grey beanie~
~Farhana: Red Beanie~
~Felicia: Black + Pink Beanie~
~Tia Razak: Black and Red beanie~
~Atiqah Jalal: Light Beanie cap~
~Diane: Black + White beanie cap~
~Sya Apple: 3 Beanies~
~Syareena: Colorful beanie~
~Naomi: Red Beanie~

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