Thursday, June 16, 2011


Today my mum have created a new thing, which are handmade headband :P..It was so cute not only for kids but also adult can wear it..Have a look :)

~Headband requested by Nik~
~Again requested by Natasya~
~Headband requested by Natasya~
~Headband requested by biey~
Today i have send out baby headband requested by AwoksKiterCraft~Thank you dear :) Hope u like it :)
~Headband requested by Siti Sarah~
This is my mum first order for baby headband..its cute rite..Thanx Atiqah, our loyal customer for support our business :)
*New Customer Order*

*This is some of my customer order*
Thanks customer for your support:
~Meeszarah preloved~
~Ilham Bonda~
~Farah Syuhada~
~Meeszarah Preloved~
~Tg Scha~

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